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We help retail investors pick individual value stocks for above average gains over a multi-year horizon.  


The Stock Market Digest

The Digest is made up of a number of pertinent topics all related to value investing and the stock market as a whole.  Each month we cover a pertinent topic related to value investments and the stock market in our circular newsletter, The Contrarian NewsletterSM  To have it delivered to your E-Mail box each month, just sign up.


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Mr. Market is an Investors Best Friend Margin of Safety in Investing: A Must Fear, the Stock Market and Investments Volatility (VIX) is Good News for Value Investors The 401k Rollover Secret for Investors
The New 2018 Tax Law and Capital Gains Using P/E to Find Value Stocks Tortoise or Hare Investor? Investor or Trader: Which Strategy is Better? What an Investor Wants
The Hidden Enemy of Investors: Inflation Growth Vs. Value Stocks: Which is Better? A Stock or a Business? Trading Algorithms & the 2018 Sell-Offs What is Contrarian Investing?
Is This a Good Market? Value Investment Philosophy: Bottom-Up Value Investment Philosophy: Absolute Performance Value Investment Philosophy: Risk & Reward Finding Hidden Assets
Why is Cash Flow Important? Stocks to Avoid The Next Big Thing    


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