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Overview of Our Service

We help retail investors pick individual value stocks for above average gains over a multi-year horizon. 


Our Track Record

Below is some information about our performance.  We have beaten the S&P500, DJIA and NASDAQ benchmarks since we started 5 years ago on our investments.  Our founder uses this same research to invest his own personal capital. Naturally past results are no indication of future results. Each individual investment will yield different results since each situation is unique. Gains will naturally vary, as well as, the time horizon. In Warren Buffett's Partnership Letter, on 1/18/1963 item number 5, he set investors expectations to focus on relative long-term performance. "While I much prefer a five-year test, I feel three years is an absolute minimum for judging performance."

Some individuals like to compare gains or returns for the same period to common benchmarks. Common benchmarks used are the Standard & Poors 500 (S&P 500), the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), or NASDAQ. Specifically, we compare using the S&P500 SPDR ETF, Ticker (NTSEARCA:SPY). The Dow Jones SPDR ETF, Ticker (NYSEARCA:DIA). And the NASDAQ ETF6, Ticker (NAS:ONEQ).


Building Wealth - Value Stocks - Third Party Confirmation

For each trade there is a Trade Confirmation issued by the stock broker (third party) to the customer. A Trade Confirmation is a printed notification of a securities transaction. Sent to the customer after the completion of a transaction. Here are the two Trade Confirmations for TowneBank (NASDAQ:TOWN). The Sell Confirmation is on the left side and the Buy Confirmation is on the right side. As you can see, this position gained 84.74% Cumulative Return or 59.47% (APY) after 16 months. Our Trade Confirmations are maintained in our office and are available for your viewing. Learn more about security analysis.









Value Stocks - Portfolio Management - A Few Actual Stocks & Results

The table below are our results related to the specific stocks listed. These are all actual realized gains/losses from stocks we provided research on. The results shown are on actual stocks we have sold and have realized gain/losses on. You can easily verify these figures for yourself by checking them on the dates provided for each position using the stock price history. Go to the Yahoo Finance website, enter the stock ticker, then go to the Historical Data tab, select the corresponding buy and sold dates listed below and see the figures for yourself. The purpose of this table is to show the results of a few of our sold position and how they stack up to the three benchmarks (S&P500, DJIA and NASDAQ). Our objective is to increase wealth, not necessarily beat the benchmarks every year. Our timeframe is more of a multi-year horizon. Both Cumulative Return and Annualized Return (APY) are provided for each transaction.



Company Name

Market Capital ($)

Company Logo

Price Paid/
Share ($)

Price Sold/
Share ($)

Cumulative Return Realized(%)1

Date Bought


APY (%)2
MHP3 McGraw Hill $28.2B $44.26 $73.98 67.01% 2/6/13 11/21/13 100.03%
GLF GulfMark $264.5M $34.25 $50.32 46.78% 12/21/12 3/6/14 37.99%
SYA Symetra $2.86B $13.74 $20.58 49.78% 3/11/13 5/14/14 42.06%
SD SandRidge $345.03M $4.82 $5.98 28.17% 6/11/13 12/31/13 65.41%
IDIX4 Idenix Pharmaceutical $3.71B $4.44 $24.50 451.85% 12/13/13 8/4/14 988.97%
OABC5 OmniAmerican Bancorp $303.34M $21.30 $24.98 17.21% 12/20/13 9/29/14 23.95%
BP British Petroleum $121.36B $42.03 $45.21 0.15% 8/7/13 9/9/14 0.14%
TM Toyota $206.93B $74.09 $127.60 72.26% 2/17/10 1/8/15 11.87%
ORCL Oracle $172.54B $31.32 $44.02 40.41% 3/25/13 5/27/15 17.96%
MEG MediaGeneral $2.13B $7.53 $16.68 119.06% 4/23/13 2/26/16 32.39%
COLB Columbia Bank $2.38B $23.69 $32.00 35.69% 8/27/13 8/5/16 11.56%
EMC7 EMC Corp. $40B $27.02 $28.55 (11.02%) 6/19/15 9/14/16 (8.98%)
DVMT8 Dell Technology $39.83B $47.20 $63.56 122.32% 9/7/16 3/14/17 371.70%
TOWN TowneBank $2.04B $16.05 $29.65 84.70% 7/2/15 11/15/16 59.45%
NFBK Northfield Bank $731.03M $11.64 $14.85 27.42% 5/23/13 3/20/15 15.07%
KRNY Kearny Financial $1.33B $11.43 $14.95 30.72% 9/30/15 11/15/16 26.79%
CC The Chemours Company $7.95B $16.64 $42.30 153.51% 7/1/15 5/10/17 64.88%
FMC FMC Corp. $11.57B $63.59 $87.01 36.78% 2/26/15 8/31/17 13.28%
CAB9 Cabela's Inc. $4.2B $46.74 $61.50 31.52% 3/20/17 9/25/17 69.75%
 STCK/BMCH BMCH Stock Holdings Inc. $1.48B $16.71 $22.05 32.60% 3/8/16 11/8/17 18.43%
$16.18 $22.25 37.38% 3/8/16 8/3/18 14.11%
ESRX Express Scripts Holding Co. $53.5B $61.25 $80.93 32.13% 10/31/17 3/12/18 116.07%
ACBI Atlantic Capital Bancshares $468.5M $13.80 $18.00 30.43% 4/1/16 3/16/18 14.55%
PBF PBF Energy Inc. $4.97B $27.49 $33.77 22.84% 8/27/14 3/23/18 5.92%
$22.15 $44.19 99.50% 9/20/16 5/17/18 51.80%
ALLY Ally Financial $11.45B $24.59 $27.25 10.80% 8/20/14 8/20/18 2.59%
HES Hess Corp. $20.42B $64.21 $66.18 1.86% 5/24/13 8/29/18 0.46%
$47.03 $67.37 43.25% 11/3/16 8/29/18 21.81%
TRCO Tribune Media Co. $4.03B $38.36 $46.40 21.22% 9/1/16 12/3/18 6.63%

1 This is the actual realized gain or loss on the specific stock, or Cumulative Return Realized.  Typically used when you want to know the return for the entire investment. CRR=((principal + gain) /principal) -1) *100. This value is NOT Annualized. See the APY column for Annualized Return. The principal and gain figures are after trade fees. We do not seek out stocks paying Dividends. However, some of our picks do pay Dividends. Since they tend to be the exception, we do not figure in Dividends paid in these calculations. Therefore, for those stocks paying Dividends, their percent returns would be higher than those given here.

2 This is the Annualized Return, or the Annual Percentage Yield (APY).  Typically used when you want to compare several returns on investments with different time periods. APY=[[(principal + gain) /principal]^ (365/days)]-1 * 100. The principal and gain figures are after trade fees. We do not seek out stocks paying Dividends. However, some of our picks do pay Dividends. Since they tend to be the exception, we do not figure in Dividends paid in these calculations. Therefore, for those stocks paying Dividend, their percent returns would be higher than those given here.

You can use either the Cumulative Return or the APY depending on the situation.

3 McGraw Hill Financial (MHP) changed its ticker to (SPGI).

4 Idenix Pharmaceutical (IDIX) has been bought by Merck (MRK). Therefore, the IDIX stock ticker is no longer listed on an exchange.

5 OmniAmerican Bancorp (OABC) has been bought by Southside Bank (SBSI). Therefore, the OABC ticker is no longer listed on an exchange.

6 There is no exact ticker for the NASDAQ ETF, the closest is (NAS:ONEQ) (Fidelity NASDAQ Composite Index ETF. That does attempt to track the entire NASDAQ. The (NAS:QQQ) only attempts to track the NASDAQ - 100.  Thus, the (NAS:ONEQ) is used here.

7 EMC Corp. (EMC) has been bought by Dell Technology (DVMT). This was the cash paid to EMC stockholders. Therefore, the EMC stock ticker is no longer listed on an exchange.

8 DVMT shares resulting from corporate action when DVMT bought out EMC.

9 CAB has been bought by Bass Pro Shop. Therefore, the CAB ticker is no longer listed on an exchange.


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