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"Your research is solid and I read all of your reports. Yes I would recommend your subscription service." Bill M.

"Just sold one position and made 20% in less than a year." Roger D.

"Its one of my largest holdings in my portfolio. This company is a fantastic play in the future of generic drugs and governments looking to curb healthcare and drug costs. They should have prosperous years ahead!" Dan T.

"This excellent analysis shows that TEVA is building prosperous future and promising product pipeline, thank you!" Jimmy W.  

"Thank you for the research on BAM, it is hard to find commentary on this company." Sam C.  

"I recently purchased BHI, and I really want to purchase more. These 20% opportunities are vary rare." Lewis S.

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Proven performance since conception

Detail analysis on value investments

Independent, proprietary research on promising undervalued stocks


Try our practical investment research for two full weeks, TOTALLY FREE with limited features. 

View over 30 actual Buy Research Reports, glimpse at some actual Update and Sell Research Reports as well. See some prior Buy Research Reports here.

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Overview of Our Service

We help retail investors pick individual value stocks for above average gains over a multi-year horizon. 


Our Strategy & Process

We specialize in uncovering undervalued companies with strong long-term potential for above average gains to increase capital. Our deep value approach is a mix of how Warren Buffett invested after forming Buffett Partnership, Ltd. combined with how contrarians like John Templeton invested. As an "investor", our founder uses this same research to invest his own personal capital. We use a five (5) step strategy to generate good ideas, protect principle and picks more winners than losers.

First, it starts by searching the entire universe of thousands of U.S. stocks.  Second, we look for companies that are Out of Favor that may offer a discounted price.  Third, we apply strict Fundamental Analysis to determine a companys underlying value & its potential for future growth.  Fourth, we calculate the Intrinsic Value of the companys stock to determine a Margin of Safety that allows for miscalculations, see graphic below.  Fifth, we identify what Catalysts will elevate the companys stock price higher over time.  This complex process was developed to narrow the field of recommended stocks to a select few worthy of an investors capital who is seeking growth prospects. Port Wren Capital, LLC is engaged in the business of financial research development and publishing. We are not a broker, a dealer, or a registered investment adviser.


Our Track Record

We have beaten the S&P500, DJIA & NASDAQ benchmarks since we started over 5 years ago on our investments. Our objective is to increase wealth, beat inflation, not necessarily beat the benchmarks every year. Our timeframe is more of a multi-year horizon.  In Warren Buffett's Partnership Letter, on 1/18/1963 item number 5, he set investors expectations to focus on relative long-term performance. "While I much prefer a five-year test, I feel three years is an absolute minimum for judging performance." Available for one fixed low fee. Go to our Performance tab for more details.


Value Stocks - Equity Research Subscription Includes

Tired of high fees and low returns? With our PWC STOCK REPORTSSM we help retail investors pick individual stocks for above average gains long-term.  

― Each PWC STOCK REPORTSSM contains specific practical information on a specific stock. Your subscription includes Buy, Update and Sell Research Reports:

        ― Buy Research Reports tells what specific stock to buy that is undervalued and at a price below its estimated Intrinsic Value, along with many other facts. To make money you must use a strategy that generates good ideas, protects principle and picks more winners than losers. That is why we use a multi-tier process to find a highly selected group of stocks that merits our capital. 

        ― Update Research Reports inform you of opportunities: to increase certain positions, new valuation estimates, an announced sale of an business segment asset, announcement to buy another company and the like related to a previous Buy Research Report.

        ― Sell Research Reports inform you when to sell and at what price. Knowing when to exist a position is very important. Sometimes it is best to sell in steps: to take profits, catch a higher price and to allocate capital into other positions.

― Obtain complete and unlimited access to all of our value research for an entire 12 months, plus get immediate access to over 40 existing value Research Reports on day one with more to come with the BEST VALUE Annual Plan. See some actual prior reports here.

No minimum investment amount required

No management fees or commission fee

― We never handle your funds

All Research Reports are provided to you on your own webpage, as shown here. In this case, you would click on the ticker symbol (PBF) to view the Buy Research Report on PBF. Your webpage displays the following: research date, research type, ticker symbol, buy price, market price, unrealized gain/loss, intrinsic value estimates, our positions, sell price and realized gain/loss on sell. It is accessible anytime.

 Receive E-Mail Activity Alerts on new research to keep you up to date

― 24/7 online access when you want it

Free Investor Educational Resources webpage that helps you develop as a value investor. It includes:

       ― Defined Terms used in our research reports. All to aid you in using our investment research.

       ― Books that established the foundation of value investing

       ― Videos on investments & strategies 

       ― Warren Buffett Shareholder Letters from 1957 to present.

All 11 sectors and all market capitalization groups (large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap) are included. We are not restricted like ETFs or Index funds

Receive issues of our monthly exclusive circular newsletter, The Contrarian NewsletterSM with content to help you become a better value investor

Research is based on fundamental analysis, bottom-up value investing methods used for over 85 Years. Created by the father of value investing, Ben Graham back in 1928 who taught Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger






























BEST VALUE Annual Plan - $50 / month ($600 up front) SAVE 33%.

One Payment with all the features for 12 Months Access of our practical research (Value Line charges up to $4,000/year for 11 different products and Zachs Research charges up to $3,588/year for 20 different products. They bury you in a mountain of vague reports that wastes your time.)

  • SAVE 33%. You get 12 entire months of Access.
  • Provides TOTAL UNLIMITED access to ALL of our Research (Buys, Updates and Sells) with IMMEDIATE E-Mail notifications!
  • With INSTANT access to the over 40 existing Research Reports on DAY ONE with more to come over the 12 months.
  • Proven Performance track record beating the S&P500, DJIA and NASDAQ benchmarks since we started 5 years ago.
  • Practical data driven research that saves you time and seeks above average returns on investments (ROI) 
  • More months, more Research Reports, more potential investment opportunities
One Payment - Annual Subscription

Press the Pay Now button here and type your information in the PWC STOCK REPORTSSM Request Form below then press the Submit Request button. If you have any questions, please contact us via email or phone. Our contact information is at the bottom of this page.



Month to Month Plan - $75 / month (month to month)

Offers the same benefits as our Annual Plan but allows you to pay on a monthly basis.

Month to Month Payments

Press the Subscribe button here and type your information in the PWC STOCK REPORTSSM Request Form below then press the Submit Request button. If you have any questions, please contact us via email or phone. Our contact information is at the bottom of this page.



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Investment Research ExpertsSM

Contact Information

E-Mail: Info@PortWrenCapital.com
Phone: 803-415-1935 

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